This Will Help You Know Which Skills To List First Under Your Categories, And What Sort Of Offer You Can Expect If The Company Wants To Hire You.

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Java Developer Rsum: How to Make Yours Awesome

When crafting your résumé, we suggest using the Dice Salary Calculator , which shows you which skills are most in-demand in your area, and what sort of impact they can have on your salary. This will help you know which skills to list first under your categories, and what sort of offer you can expect if the company wants to hire you. Your Java developer résumé could be 12-point Times New Roman in the AP format on plain white paper – or it could be something recruiters and hiring managers will notice and appreciate. We don’t suggest going full-on Super Mario Bros. (unless you’re a game developer, in which case insta-hire), but something attention-grabbing and professional is a great idea. Styling is always important, but little tricks such as using the company’s color scheme in your résumé can have a subliminal effect. While it might sound like fun, avoid ‘developing’ your own online java developer résumé (i.e., turning it into a website to which you direct a company via link). Web development may not be a skill the company is looking for, and the last thing you want is some unforced error on their end to skew a first impression. Play it safe. Should a Java Developer Résumé Have Links? Don’t create hyperlinks to your former (or current) employer. In fact, don’t link to anything not specifically and directly related to you as a java developer. Linking to your GitHub profile is a smart idea. If you don’t have projects listed there, we strongly suggest adding some, or at least keeping some Gists handy. It’s a strong indicator of your skillset; while a recruiter may not know what they’re looking at, the hiring manger or interviewer will probably be very interested in your past work.

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